Sinks and Taps


The traditional and most popular sink type. A drop in sink typically is made from stainless steel and has a drain board on one or both sides. With a wide range of options are available we recommend and supply the beautiful Seima range of sinks and taps. Coloured black, white and even copper sinks are also now available.



Perfect for Quartz, Dekton and Granite benchtops, an undermount sink is glued to the bottom side of the benchtop with high-grade epoxy glue. Hiding the sink under the bench minimises the visual impact of the sink and lets the beauty of the benchtops to stand out. Most quartz and granite tops can also be inlayed with drain grooves to assist in drying dishes.


A large ceramic sink that works perfectly in traditional or country style kitchens. A butler’s sink as a serious bit of hardware and gives a unique look. Very practical due to their large size, a butler’s sink will accommodate even the largest pots and pans to make doing the dishes a breeze. Generally amongst the most expensive sink options, shop around for the best deal.