Drawer Styles


With literally hundreds of handle styles, sizes and material finishes to choose from, we can help find a handle that suits your budget and visual style. Handles are affordable and practical and help to enhance the look of your kitchen. Choose a handle that matches your desired kitchen style and rest easy knowing that a quick and affordable kitchen re-fresh can be achieved just by changing your handles.

Fingerpull Rails

A Fingerpull drawer style eliminates the use of a handle by incorporating a recessed section behind the drawer front that allows your fingers to get in behind the drawer front and open the drawer. Perfect for that seamless look, a fingerpull drawer can have a recessed rail of various materials including aluminium, 2-pac or melamine. Likewise, the top edge of the drawer front can be left square edged or cut back with a sharknose for easier operation. Generally available at a similar price to a handle, depending on rail style.


A Tip-On drawer is another handle-free option that includes a push to open function in the drawer mechanism. These drawers give you’re the clean aesthetic look of the handle-free option without losing any internal height to a finger rail whilst still maintaining softclose operation. Tip-On drawers do attract a premium price compared to the same standard soft-close drawer.