A cabinet to suit your style needs & wants


A versatile and durable finish, melamine cabinet fronts are available in various textures from gloss, matt, light-grain and heavy-grain options. There is also a vast range of colours in the melamine range including whites, neutrals, woodgrains and even metallic looks. A surface that is stain resistant and quite easy to keep clean, melamine is also generally the most affordable of cabinet finishes. We use and recommend the Polytec, Laminex and Formica ranges for their quality and durability as these come with a 7 year limited warranty.


A thin sheet of acrylic panel is applied to both faces of a durable Moisture Resistant MDF substrate to produce the Acrylic range of doors and panels. We prefer to use the Ultraglaze range from Polytec, though other brands are also available.  More expensive than a melamine front, the acrylic panel provides new dimensions in cabinet finishes with the introduction of high gloss and ultra-matt. These finishes emulate the various finishes normally restricted to 2-Pac painted surfaces without the associated cost and maintenance. Ultraglaze Gloss and Ultramatt have a limited 7 year warranty.


The beautifully crafted range of thermolaminated doors & panels from Polytec will add character to your home. From sleek, contemporary minimalistic designs to the more traditional look of country style doors, thermolaminate doors can provide a style that will complement your kitchen. These doors & panels are made from profiled, Moisture Resistant MDF, constructed with a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges. The result is a stylish, fully profiled door. Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household, ensuring your kitchen will remain a showpiece for years to come. Available in a range of colours, profiles and surface finish options, all surfaces are non-porous and easy to clean, and so will retain their beauty, providing years of trouble free service and also come with a 7 year limited warranty.


A 2 part polyurethane paint finish formulated to provide a rich, durable surface over MDF substrates. One of the most expensive cabinet options but also probably the most versatile. A 2-Pac painted door opens up the possibilities for an endless variety of door styles from flat panel to shaker style to integrated fingerpull and beyond. Choose from an almost endless array of colours and gloss levels with 2-Pac from 4Kitchens. We prepare and spray your doors in our custom-made booth to give you a personal service and finish to your new kitchen. Our Moisture Resistant MDF substrate has a 7 year limited warranty.


A thin sheet or veneer of natural timber is glued to a durable substrate of Moisture Resistant MDF or Plywood to give you the natural warmth and beauty of real timber without the maintenance issues. Once cut and edged, these cabinet fronts are finished with a clear 2-pac polyurethane finish to improve durability and moisture resistance. A perfect way to bring nature into your home, veneered surfaces are able to complement both traditional kitchen designs and act as a feature in modern styles.