The most affordable benchtop material, laminate tops are available in a variety of different colours and grain patterns in both matt and gloss finishes. A traditional material that has been overtaken in use by quartz stone surfaces in the last 5-10 years such as Silestone.


The de-facto standard in benchtops, quartz surfaces such as Silestone, Caesarstone and Essastone offer superior durability and strength to laminate options. Though a bit more expensive than laminate, a quartz stone benchtop will give you a stain and scratch resistant surface that will last for years to come. Made from between 90-95% quartz, Silestone is made in Spain and has a 25 year warranty.


The next generation in stone surfaces has arrived with the Ultra-Compact surface called Dekton. Made in Spain and with a 25 year warranty, Dekton is a superior surface offering unparalleled stain resistance, scratch resistance, UV stability and heat resistance. Watch this video to see the incredible characteristics of Dekton Dekton is suitable for interior and exterior applications for benchtops, splashbacks, floors and walls.

Granite & Marble

Showcasing Nature’s raw beauty in your kitchen provides the ultimate result. Despite years of effort, manufactured products cannot replicate the random veins and intricate structures of granite and marble materials. Each stone piece is unique to you and allows you to stamp your character on your kitchen or bathroom. We have access to over 70 different granites and marbles in stock from around the world, so please drop by our showroom to view all the options and learn more about each individual stone.


The original Solid Surface, Corian is a very versatile material that lends itself to a wide range of applications due to its unique characteristics. It is wear resistant and repairable, meaning minor scuffs and scratches can be buffed out. Corian is able to be thermoformed and formed into organic, seamless shapes such as sinks and curves. Seamless joins are also a main point of difference to other materials such as laminate, quartz and granite.

Polished Concrete

Our GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) benchtops bring the popular finish into the 21st century. Light-weight, yet incredibly strong, the glass fibres in our polished concrete benchtops eliminate the need for thick concrete reinforced with steel mesh. This allows us to treat our cabinets without any further structural support. It also makes this material able to be used on tropical elevated homes without bracing the floor joists. Templated and custom-cast to your needs, we can offer a range of sealer finishes that are highly resistant to staining, scratches and wear.