Creating an account as a TRADIE

Follow these simple steps to create an account as a tradie on our website, and get access to special pricing.

*Please be advised that the process is not automatic and will take 24-48hrs to take effect while we check your details.

Visit our website

At the top most right corner of our website header, there is a menu.


Click on My Account ?, or Login ?.

The page that loads will allow you to create an account by entering your email.


Once you enter your email and click on “Create an account”, you will see a form where you’ll be asked to enter your personal information.


Fill out this form and click on “Register”. You are now registered to our website and your account has been created.


This is your Account management screen. Here you can edit your details, check your order details etc.

The first thing you’ll need to do is click on “ADD MY FIRST ADDRESS”.


In this form you enter you address details. This might be your business address or postal address. Note that you can have multiple addresses, and that you can name them conveniently for future reference in the last field of the form.


Once you enter a Company name, another field will appear. The ABN number entry field.


By entering your Company Name and ABN number, we will be notified and your account will be added to the Tradies group. This process can take 24 to 48 hours as we verify your details. Once your account becomes a tradies account, you will be able to see the discounted prices.

Note that you need to login to the website for the tradies prices to show.

Once you filled out the form, click on “Save”.

That’s it. Your account has been created. We are automatically notified of your registration.

You are now able to login to the site and manage your account.

If you’re a tradie, we will have your account ready within 48 hours.